This is a compilation of the local staff members.


  • Milos Ivanis:
  • Fzs1904: Fzs1904 is a fresh graduate. He updates the information of latest episode. He's on the wikia at night on workdays. He also plays other King's games e.g. Candy Crush Saga, Diamond Digger, Pet Rescue Saga and Scrubby Dubby Saga.
  • Marisa1980: Marisa1980 is a student at Be Tong Secondary School. He is very active rollback. He likes playing Candy Crush Soda Saga. He works on this wikia mostly time he is free, and 2 wikias he joining is CCSW and CCSSW. When not active on the wiki, Marisa1980 is playing CCSS or studying.
  • Not real name:


  • Blueeighthnote:
  • Catinthedark:
  • CC-8589934592: Elsa is a Snow Queen from Frozen. He likes ice so much, and he wishes to become an ice-skater. He works on this wikia mostly time he is free, and detects spam, vandalism very quick. So, be careful with his icy power!
    • Recently he is always comes along with Pokemon (like Pikachu, Samurott, Glaceon...), and he wants to become a roleplayer, a children of Em.
  • DoCheonGong: Shrugs
  • Dunlorev44:
  • Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711:
  • Roseturnip: Roseturnip is currently not as active as on Candy Crush Saga Wiki. However, I am currently still playing the game and trying to moniter vandalism, spam, trolling is noticed.



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