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Episode 61
World World Twenty-One
Levels 1006 - 1025
Characters Captain, Seagull
New features Wrapsoda disp  Spe disp27
Release date Web: September 6, 2016
Mobile Icon: September 6, 2016
Apple Icon: ?
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Delicious Docks is the 61st episode in Candy Crush Soda Saga and the first episode in World Twenty-One. It contains levels 1006 - 1025 and it was released on September 6, 2016.



Before episode: Never go to sea without yer bagpipes and a bottle of soda!

After episode: Aye lassie, you can borrow my boat. It's right over there!

New featuresEdit

  • Two new candy cannons: (Wrapsoda disp  Spe disp27).


Sodatype Frostingtype Bubbletype Chocotype Honeytype Bubblegumtype Jamtype
2 3 4 2 4 1 4
The easiest :
The hardest :
The most fun :
Orangecandy Yellowcandy Lightbluecandy
Orangecandy Yellowcandy Greencandy Lightbluecandy
Redcandy Orangecandy Yellowcandy Greencandy Lightbluecandy
Redcandy Orangecandy Yellowcandy Greencandy Lightbluecandy Purplecandy
Redcandy Orangecandy Yellowcandy Greencandy Lightbluecandy Darkbluecandy Purplecandy
Redcandy Orangecandy Yellowcandy Greencandy Lightbluecandy Darkbluecandy Purplecandy Purple jelly
0 4 15 1 0 0
Ninja Kimmy transparency Hard Levels Hard Level icon
Frostingtype 1008 Honeytype 1014 Bubbletype 1016 Honeytype 1018 Jamtype 1022 Honeytype 1025
Samurai kimmy loader Super Hard Levels Super Hard Level icon
Jamtype Level 1011
Memories piece icon Memories Levels Memories button icon new
Chocotype 1006 Bubbletype 1012 Chocotype 1017 Bubbletype 1020 Frostingtype 1023

 Difficulty coding

Very EasyEasySomewhat EasyMediumSomewhat HardHardVery HardExtremely HardNearly ImpossibleVariable

 Note that goals include target score.

Currently, there are some level(s) with missing difficulty in this episode. When all difficulty of levels in the episode is determined, please remove the 'incomplete' parameter on the template.