Factory Manager
Gender Female
First appearance Sweetopia-
Full list of appearances Sweetopia-Sodalicious-Spa

Factory Manager is a character in Candy Crush Soda Saga. She first appears in the 20th episode, Sweetopia.

  • After 271
  • After 284
  • Cover
  • Cover2
  • After 331
  • After 344
  • Cover
  • Cover2

Striped Candy ContestEdit

Striped candy contest message
See Striped Candy Contest page to know more information!

"The manager is back in the factory! Create 20 Striped Candy to get a Sodalicious gift and fix the broken machine."

This activity was available after September 30, 2016. After collecting 20 Striped Candy, you will get a gift (the gift amount is different) and start for an official contest.

Tip: There's a x10 multiplier on the most recent level you reached!