Candy fish, also known as Swedish fish is a special candy exclusive to Candy Crush Soda Saga.


A candy fish is created when 4 candies (including special candies and bottles) in a square or 5 candies in the letter "P" or "Q". When formed, it gives 120 points to the player.


When candy fish is activated, it will randomly target a blocker or a regular candy and swim to it, if there are no blockers. Every candy or blocker that it destroys, it will give 3x as many points it supposed to give, for example: 20 x 3 = 60 for candies and most blockers; 1000 x 3 = 3000 for honey bears, etc. However, no points will be given to the player if it hits an empty space. Points from frosting bears will not be multiplied, it is not a blocker.


Level type Target
Sodatype Targets bottles including ones under non transparent blockers, then other blockers, then random candy last.
Frostingtype It will target a random frosting tile regardless of what is under it or on it, then other blockers, then random candy last.
Bubbletype Targets bottles as first priority, blockers above bubble bears second, other Blockers third, candies above bubble bears fourth, and then random candy last.
Chocotype Targets random chocolate, then other blockers, then random candy last.
Honeytype Targets honey with bears under it including hidden bears under comb honey, then other blockers, then random candy last.
Bubblegumtype Targets locked bubble gum first, bubble bum second, then other blockers, then random candy last.
Jamtype Targets tiles without jam if fish is on jam and spreads jam on target tile, then other blockers, then random candy last.
Fizztype Targeted candy with fizz to increase bubbles, then other blockers, then random candy last.


Candy Fish Other special candy Effect Walkthrough
Bluefish Bluefish Makes three candy fish.
Fish Fish
Fish Fish00:11

Fish Fish

Purplestripeh  Orangestripev The fish becomes a striped fish, and destroys a line of tiles from targeted tile. The direction of the striped fish depends on the direction of the striped candy used in the mix.
Fish Striped Candy
Bluefish striped
Fish Striped Candy00:06

Fish Striped Candy

Redwrap The fish becomes a wrapped fish, destroys 3x3 area around targeted tile once.
Fish Wrapped Candy
Bluefish wrapped
Fish Wrapped Candy00:05

Fish Wrapped Candy

Colorbomb The color bomb transforms all candies of swapped candy's color into candy fish. The candy fish activates from top to bottom.
Color Bomb Fish
Color Bomb Fish00:09

Color Bomb Fish

Cyancoloring The Coloring Candy and Candy Fish will fuse and then explode. It will splash coloring bubbles on all of the regular candies and fish on the board that are the same color as the Coloring Candy and fish candy mixed. This will:

  • Changes the candies' and existing fish's the color of the fish used in the mix into the color of the Coloring Candy that is used.
  • Turn the regular candies the color of the Coloring Candy and the Candy Fish used into fish.
  • The newly created fish and the affected existing fish will be matched and then activated from the top to the bottom.
  • If the mixed candies are of the same color, the regular and candy fish of the dominant color and the color of the Coloring Candy used will be affected.

Coloring Candy Fish
Coloring Candy Fish00:15

Coloring Candy Fish

Other Candy FishEdit

Light Green Candy FishEdit

Green Soda

This fish type is created when candies are matched in green soda or the effects of special candies. They are only released when matches are made from the initial swap and they won't release during cascades. Candies colored by coloring candy or hit by fish will not create fish. Existing candy fish activated will not produce extra light green fish.

Pink Candy FishEdit

Pink fish
Wrapped Fish horizontal

This fish type is created when the wrapped fish is uncovered in frosting in a frosting level. The number of candy fish released is equal to the number of spaces the wrapped fish occupies.

Purple Jelly Candy FishEdit


This fish type is created when player matches 4 or 5 purple jelly candies in a square or a "P", "Q" shape. The number of candy fish released is equal to the number of Purple jelly candies used.


First catch
First Catch : Can you smell the fresh soda seas? What a good day for fishing!

Create a fish (10 times)


Double Delish FishEdit

See Double Delish Fish page to know more information!
Double fish(2)

It's fishing time!Edit

See Fishing Tournament page to know more information!
Fishing tournament message

"Get a gift and unlock a limited time event when you catch 20 fish! Fish will only be caught if you pass the level."

This activity was available after April 4, 2016. After collecting 20 candy fish, you will get a gift (the gift amount is different).

Tip: Catch fish on any level, even those you've already played.


  • Candy fish can not be made in Candy Crush Saga, They have somewhat different functions. However, on that game, it is called as Jelly Fish and there is no cyan, purple, and light green color of it (because these colors of candies are not present on that game and also the green soda like other soda types).
  • This element can also be made in Candy Crush Jelly Saga.


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