Frosting is an element that found in frosting levels. It can be hit or destroyed by matches on it or special candy effect.


Level 6

Single Frosting at level 6.

Level 8

Double Frosting at level 8 with blockers.

Frosting often appears behind candies on squares and even behind blockers. The objective of frosting levels is to remove some or all of the frosting to find the bears and reach the target score. Starting at Gooey Glacier, Wrapped Fish can be found under Frosting which makes lots of fish and triggers cascades. It can be removed by matching candies on a square with frosting or by using special candies.


The frosting comes in two forms: double frosting and single frosting. Double frosting has a much whiter appearance and is more opaque than single frosting which is translucent and can contain Frosting Bears and Wrapped Fish behind it.

Single FrostingEdit

Single frosting

Single Frosting

Single frosting is first seen in level 6, but will always show up when there are frosting levels. This is because a double frosting turns into a single frosting when it is hit Single frosting is translucent and can contain Bears and Wrapped Fish behind it. In starting boards, it is very common in the beginning but later the double frosting takes over almost completely.

Double FrostingEdit

Double Frosting

Double Frosting

Double frosting first appears in level 8. They are by far the more common type of frosting in the game and they get increasingly abundant. In the hundreds and onward, nearly every frosting in the game is a double frosting.



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