Candy Crush Soda Saga currently contains 2410 levels in 153 episodes. Every episode has 15 levels except for Candy Town and Lollipop Meadow, which have 5 and 10 levels respectively (Not counting the levels from Bubblegum Hill). From Spun Sugar Carnival to Yummy Yacht, episodes have 20 levels. However, from Loch Nom and onwards, each episode starts 15 levels again. New levels are released every week, starting October 4, 2016.

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Level typesEdit

In Candy Crush Soda Saga, there are 7 different types of level:

  • Soda Sodatype - pop a certain amount of bottles in a certain amount of moves.
  • Frosting Frostingtype - Find all the bears in frosting on the board.
  • Bubble Bubbletype - get all the bubbles above the candy string.
  • Chocolate Chocotype - eat all chocolate on the board in a certain amount of moves.
  • Honey Honeytype - Eat all honey and find the bears in a certain amount of moves.
  • Jam Jamtype - Spread all the jam on the board in a certain amount of moves.

Frosting levels are the most frequent, making up 9.21% of the levels, whereas bubble gum levels are the rarest, despite the first 6 levels all being target score levels.

Level Type Icon First Appearance Last Appearance Appearances
Soda Sodatype Level 1 Level 1850 150 (6.22%)
Frosting Frostingtype Level 6 Level 1853 396 (16.43%)
Bubble Bubbletype Level 9 Level 1852 327 (13.57%)
Chocolate Chocotype Level 31 Level 1854 142 (5.89%)
Honey Honeytype Level 76 Level 1855 373 (15.48%)
Bubble Gum Bubblegumtype Level 166 Level 1844 98 (4.07%)
Jam Jamtype Level 256 Level 1851 369 (15.31%)


  • Many people consider jam levels the hardest level type.
  • Fizz levels Fizztype used to be the eighth level type in the game, but they were removed after release of Gumdrop Acres due to not having reasons officially.