Liquorice link3

Liquorice Link

Liquorice Link is a feature that first appears in Delicious Desert, the first level with the liquorice links is level 391.


Level 391-3

Liquorice Links in level 391.

  • A liquorice link occupies one square and is stuck until cleared. A chain of liquorice links are linked together by the bubble gum string.
  • You can destroy the links by making a match next to it in an adjacent square or by hitting it with a special candy. If one link in a chain of links is destroyed, the whole chain is destroyed with it.
  • Color bomb + color bomb combination can take off one layer of all liquorice links, but they can be destroyed immediately if in a chain has one-layered liquorice link. Color bomb + coloring candy can strip all types of liquorice links.

Types of Liquorice LinkEdit

Image Name First appearance Hits to take
Liquorice link1
One-layered Liquorice Link Level 391 1
Liquorice link2
Two-layered Liquorice Link 2
Liquorice link3
Three-layered Liquorice Link 3
Liquorice link4
Four-layered Liquorice Link 4


First Level Last Level #
391 1758 359


  • This can be broken if a color bomb or fish candy hits an adjacent candy.
  • A one-layered liquorice link looks like a black button with 4 holes, the 2nd layer connects the bottom left hole and upper right hole with pink strawberry liquorice, the 3rd layer connects the remaining 2 holes, the 4th layer adds a knot tied on the crossed liquorice strips.
    • The 1 Layer Liquorice Link represents the Number 4 on a dice.
    • The 2 Layer Liquorice Link represents a Percentage Sign. (%)
    • The 3 Layer Liquorice Link represents a Cross or a Multiply sign.(X)
    • The 4 layer Liquorice Link represents an asterisk. (*)
  • This is the third blocker to have liquorice, the first one being the liquorice lock and the second one being the liquorice swirl.

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